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Our Board of Directors and principal executive officers of the Foundation exercise authority over and carry out our lending and investing activities, including oversight in closing our loans, servicing and administering the loans, processing loan applications, communicating with borrowers and administering our day‑to‑day operations. To assist us in identifying qualified borrowers, we may enter into independent consulting agreements from time to time with a mortgage loan originator to provide us with qualified loan applicants. Each independent originator will be responsible for finding, evaluating and presenting appropriate loan documentation that will enable our Credit Committee to act upon and review a loan application.
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Church loans from Eagle Ledge Foundation, Inc
Church loans from Eagle Ledge Foundation, Inc
Our executive officers will provide oversight to operation and administration of the loan fund. These duties generally include (i) serving as loan underwriter and manager; (ii) investigating and evaluating lending opportunities that are consistent with the Foundation’s mission and objectives; (iii) investigating, selecting, and developing relations with prospective borrowers seeking mortgage loans; (iv) tracking the borrower’s loan performance, financial status and credit quality of the mortgage loan; (v) maintaining proper financing reporting and accounting for the operation of the loan fund; (vi) providing oversight of the investments and assets of the Foundation; and (vii) reviewing and analyzing monthly financial reports and portfolio status reports and making adjustments as may be needed to our lending and collection policies to insure the safety of the assets in the loan fund and profitability of the loan fund.
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Thomas H. Fontana, CEO, Eagle Ledge Foundation

Thomas H. Fontana

CEO, Eagle Ledge Foundation

Mr. Thomas H. Fontana has served as the Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer and as a director since inception in 2009. Prior to developing Eagle Ledge Foundation, Inc., Mr. Fontana served as Chief Investment Banking Officer at Strongtower. Mr. Fontana joined Strongtower in 1996 at a time when Strongtower was expanding its activities as an underwriter, broker-dealer and investment advisor on a national basis. During his tenure at Strongtower from 1996 through January 31, 2009, Mr. Fontana expanded Strongtower’s institutional and banking relationships through the issuance of innovative mortgage-backed bonds that were sold in a “best efforts” offering funded after an initial escrow closing.

Mr. Fontana’s background, spanning more than 40 years in banking, finance and investing, has been in management and finance related roles with firms such as Great Western S&L and Investors Diversified Services/American Express. His background also has an entrepreneurial twist; including launching four firms in Real Estate development and construction, commercial property management, commercial property leasing and building maintenance. Mr. Fontana holds a California Real Estate Broker’s license, over 30 certifications, and holds the Series 7, 24, 63 and 79 securities licenses with FINRA. Mr. Fontana has completed course work at Bakersfield College, the University of San Francisco and completed a Biblical Counseling program at Masters Seminary. Mr. Fontana has also completed the Phase I, Phase II and Phase III Certified Regulatory and Compliance Professional Program at the FINRA Institute of The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Chester Reid, President, Eagle Ledge Foundation

Chester L. Reid

President, Eagle Ledge Foundation

Dr. Chester L. Reid has served as the Foundation’s President and as a director since inception in 2009. Dr. Reid served as Vice President of the California Baptist Foundation from January 1, 1992, until April 1, 2009. He also served as President of Strongtower Financial, Inc. (“Strongtower”), a wholly‑owned subsidiary of the California Baptist Foundation, from October, 1993, until April 1, 2009. Strongtower, f/k/a the California Plan of Church Finance, Inc., acted as a registered broker-dealer firm and investment advisory firm and was located in Fresno, California.

Prior to joining the California Baptist Foundation, Dr. Reid served as the Senior Pastor at Berkeley Avenue Baptist Church, in Turlock, California from 1985 to 1991, and as Minister of Evangelism at the First Southern Baptist Church El Monte, California from 1981 to 1985. Dr. Reid received his Bachelor of Science Degree from Fresno State University in 1981, a Master’s Degree in Church Administration from the California Graduate School of Theology in 1983, and a Doctorate of Business Management from California Baptist University in 2007. 

Loans made or arranged pursuant to a California Financing Law License

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